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"A$AP lotto - jugg santana"

"miami - 305"

hailing from perhaps one of the most triumphant and momentous hip-hop movements of the 21st century, comes the underdog not as much a household name as his labelmates... yet that is. you have the vocalist, stylistic, kingpin of his group and trade Rocky, his name and his heartthrob complexion as well known in Harlem as the colossal political figure before him Malcolm X, and his slugs as bright as the entirety of the Mob's future. you have Ant, the absolutely necessary, grimey-Baltimore representer that all hip-hop groups ought to possess. then there's Yams, his name deriving from a 2009 Triple C's anthem about cocaine, his "lean-spill" birthmark notorious throughout the music industry and a proper representation of the mastermind behind A$AP. and of course there's A$AP Lou, the frequent lean-picture-taker, sole Caucasian face in the Mob. and amongst several other members, Twelvvy, Nast, Ty Beats, Ferg, Bari, etc., thus spawns a newer face of the Mob, a face with the most room for growth, a face with the up-most potential, and his youthful likes gives room for a career of great longevity. 

A$AP Lotto, the face of Miami in the Mob. And his strive and drive is that of a 2011 Rocky, with the grit of a "Coke & White Bitches" Ant, but Lotto can hardly get compared to anyone but himself. I conducted an interview with the Mob member, answering everything from his inspirations, to his aspirations, and even to what in fact A$AP Lou actually does.

the interview - 

Q - At what age did you pursue rap / what's the story behind it?

A - I really started pursuing rap after I got kicked off the football team in 12th grade. I would just be on 6-0 freestyling for fun to pass time in the trap, then my homies would always insist for me to rap, and then I started getting into the studio with my first group, "SNAP CITY."

Q - Have you ever tried producing?

A - I grew up alongside P ON THE BOARDS so he always had the beats on deck and always kept me around creative producers, so I never had to produce, plus I never had the patience. I was too busy making plays.

"bath salt" - prod. p on the boards"

Q - How'd you get affiliated with A$AP Mob and how did you become a member?

A - Well I met Rocky, Yams, and Twelvy in Miami on South Beach at Art Basel. We just really became friends over this weekend. P On The Boards kind of introduced us and we just all had a brazy time in the yayo (Miami) and we just connected he dots from there.

Q - For people that don't know, what does A$AP Lou do?

A - Lou is Rocky's P.A. When you see Flacko, 9 times outta 10 you will see him not too far behind. One of the coolest Caucasians I know lol. He always got the loud... always got the drink, and he stays with the very rare pieces (gucci goggles, goyard umbrella, etc.).

"rocky (left) and lou (right)"

Q - Meaning behind the rap name, "A$AP Lotto"?

A - Well you all know A$AP means, "Always Strive And Prosper", but the name Lotto I received from one of my big homies in Miami. He would always bet on me at the dice games and he would always say, "Betting on you [is] better than buying lottery tickets." And from that day forth he called me Lotto, and it always stuck wit' me. Shout out to him...haha! 

Q - Who's someone you'd like to work with that you have yet to (1 artist, 1 producer)?

A - An artist that I would like to work with right now would have to be Cam'ron, and a producer I would like to work with would be Pharrell.

"cam'ron - killa cam"

Q - What's your favorite Gucci Mane song?


Q - MLK or Malcolm X & why?

A - MALCOLM X. My G's slogan was, "By any means necessary", gotta fuck with em'.

Q - Backwoods or Swishers?

A - Backwoods 4 life. Btw I was smokin' Woods since lames was puffin dutches.


Q - Cali kush, Seattle, or Miami?


Q - What's the first thing you bought when you got signed to A$AP?

A - My daughter's college fund.

Q - Where were you when the Miami civilian got his face eaten off by a dude high on bath salts?

A - Somewhere in Carol City making plays trying to get rich. Crazy shit happen in Miami everyday b so it really didn't surprise me.

"miami zombie"

Q - What's your favorite A$AP Rocky song?

A - Ghetto Symphony featuing Gunplay and A$AP Ferg.

"ghetto symphony"

Q - RIP ___ ?

A - Hiawayi Robinson, young 8 year old girl found dead on a trash pile in MOBILE, AL. GOD BLESS HER SOUL.

"hiawayi robinson - rip"

Q - FREE ___ ?


Q - What's next for A$AP Lotto?

A - My mixtape MIVMI, new videos, new features, everything new and keep an eye open for my young Miami artists Gitmo Dollaz & IamKaine. Real talented artists from Liberty City, Miami.


I done got indicted selling all white (@ZadricDavis)


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