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"producer of multiply - curtis heron - a.k.a. saavagebeatz"

"kush godz - curtis heron - dj smokey"

"long beach, ca"

the hip-hop underground:a critically acclaimed domain infested with triumph and tribulation, undiscovered talent and wasted Soundcloud accounts, failure and @'ing people on Twitter with music links, survival and deprivation, and sometimes, succession and great ability. from this peculiar and often discouraged existence births a name that has developed into mighty underground kingship, a name that has been around and seen it all, a name that's bass will make your drink dance out of the cup in the passenger seat and vibrate straight through your ribcage, the timely and precise hi-hats leaving no room for flaw, and the often mystical, fog-esque production leaving you at ease. Curtis Heron, formally SaavageBeatz is the name you likely have yet to hear of, but the name that has worked with your favorite artists, and recently burst into the mainstream with producing A$AP Rocky's rebound track, "Multiply", and it's only fitting that Heron's views, output, and success will reflect just that. I got a chance to chat with the Long Beach native about a numerous amount of concerns and topics most people probably have yet to discover about the young artist, in a "post-limelight" discussion:

the interview - 

Q - Coming up, what music was played around you, what'd you listen to, what inspired you to producer?

A - The music I heard growing up was mainly jazz and older west coast and east coast stuff, I got into other stuff later on. But jazz was the music that captured me like no other in my early days. I got inspired to produce because my cousins made music around me back then and I always wanted to but never knew how to acquire software to make it until I was about 17.

Q - Where are you from/how did where you're from influence your music?

A - I'm from Long Beach, California and my music is not inspired by the sound this city once had with Snoop. I would say my music isn't inspired by the city at all. The O.G.'s have been there and done that and I don't want to follow in their footsteps and try doing what they've done.

"uncle snoop - long beach"

Q - Working with TeamSESH... how'd you get affiliated, who is Bones as a person?

A - I got affiliated with Bones I think late 2012? I'm not sure, the first song we did was Rolex Diamonds off of his self titled BONES mixtape when I was, "SaavageBeatz". BONES as a person is cool though, a lot of people get the wrong idea about him because of the stuff he says maybe, but he's a good dude. Him and Elliot are really good people.

"bones - teamsesh"

Q - Description of Black Kray in one word?

A - Unique.

"black kray - lil rari - wifi wifi"

Q - Working with A$AP, how'd you link up?

A - A$AP Yams, he somehow found me or maybe Tash from VERYRARE told him about me, I'm not sure but that's how it started.

Q - Favorite fellow producers right now?

A - Jayyeah, Kid Hnrk, Drew the Architect, Greaf, Drip-133, Smitty the BG, Kodyak... there is a lot lol shout out to all the broes over at TeamSESH.


Q - Hardest producer tag you've heard?


"metro boomin - want some more"

Q - Favorite Gucci Mane song(s)?

A - Trap Money by him and Shawty Lo off the Chicken Talk tape and Brick Fair by him and Future off the first Trap Back tape for sure.

"trap money - wop"

Q - When I'm not producing, I'm ___ ?

A - Reading books or searching for new music.

Q - Have you ever tried rapping?

A - I have tried rapping lol, never again though but I wanna ghostwrite for people. I'm gonna sit back and develop better songwriting skills before that though.

Q - First thing you're gonna buy when you make it big?

A - New equipment and books.

Q - Who would you like to work with that you haven't yet?

A - Lonnie Liston Smith, James Black, and Young Thug.

Q - RIP ___ ?

A - L'A Capone.

"l'a capone - long live l'a"

Q - FREE ___ ?

A - Max B and Gucci Mane.

Q - What's next for Curtis Heron?

A - Dropping an EP in 2015 and more work with BONES and various artists.


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