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"A$AP lotto - jugg santana"

"miami - 305"

hailing from perhaps one of the most triumphant and momentous hip-hop movements of the 21st century, comes the underdog not as much a household name as his labelmates... yet that is. you have the vocalist, stylistic, kingpin of his group and trade Rocky, his name and his heartthrob complexion as well known in Harlem as the colossal political figure before him Malcolm X, and his slugs as bright as the entirety of the Mob's future. you have Ant, the absolutely necessary, grimey-Baltimore representer that all hip-hop groups ought to possess. then there's Yams, his name deriving from a 2009 Triple C's anthem about cocaine, his "lean-spill" birthmark notorious throughout the music industry and a proper representation of the mastermind behind A$AP. and of course there's A$AP Lou, the frequent lean-picture-taker, sole Caucasian face in the Mob. and amongst several other members, Twelvvy, Nast, Ty Beats, Ferg, Bari, etc., thus spawns a newer face of the Mob, a face with the most room for growth, a face with the up-most potential, and his youthful likes gives room for a career of great longevity. 

A$AP Lotto, the face of Miami in the Mob. And his strive and drive is that of a 2011 Rocky, with the grit of a "Coke & White Bitches" Ant, but Lotto can hardly get compared to anyone but himself. I conducted an interview with the Mob member, answering everything from his inspirations, to his aspirations, and even to what in fact A$AP Lou actually does.

the interview - 

Q - At what age did you pursue rap / what's the story behind it?

A - I really started pursuing rap after I got kicked off the football team in 12th grade. I would just be on 6-0 freestyling for fun to pass time in the trap, then my homies would always insist for me to rap, and then I started getting into the studio with my first group, "SNAP CITY."

Q - Have you ever tried producing?

A - I grew up alongside P ON THE BOARDS so he always had the beats on deck and always kept me around creative producers, so I never had to produce, plus I never had the patience. I was too busy making plays.

"bath salt" - prod. p on the boards"

Q - How'd you get affiliated with A$AP Mob and how did you become a member?

A - Well I met Rocky, Yams, and Twelvy in Miami on South Beach at Art Basel. We just really became friends over this weekend. P On The Boards kind of introduced us and we just all had a brazy time in the yayo (Miami) and we just connected he dots from there.

Q - For people that don't know, what does A$AP Lou do?

A - Lou is Rocky's P.A. When you see Flacko, 9 times outta 10 you will see him not too far behind. One of the coolest Caucasians I know lol. He always got the loud... always got the drink, and he stays with the very rare pieces (gucci goggles, goyard umbrella, etc.).

"rocky (left) and lou (right)"

Q - Meaning behind the rap name, "A$AP Lotto"?

A - Well you all know A$AP means, "Always Strive And Prosper", but the name Lotto I received from one of my big homies in Miami. He would always bet on me at the dice games and he would always say, "Betting on you [is] better than buying lottery tickets." And from that day forth he called me Lotto, and it always stuck wit' me. Shout out to him...haha! 

Q - Who's someone you'd like to work with that you have yet to (1 artist, 1 producer)?

A - An artist that I would like to work with right now would have to be Cam'ron, and a producer I would like to work with would be Pharrell.

"cam'ron - killa cam"

Q - What's your favorite Gucci Mane song?


Q - MLK or Malcolm X & why?

A - MALCOLM X. My G's slogan was, "By any means necessary", gotta fuck with em'.

Q - Backwoods or Swishers?

A - Backwoods 4 life. Btw I was smokin' Woods since lames was puffin dutches.


Q - Cali kush, Seattle, or Miami?


Q - What's the first thing you bought when you got signed to A$AP?

A - My daughter's college fund.

Q - Where were you when the Miami civilian got his face eaten off by a dude high on bath salts?

A - Somewhere in Carol City making plays trying to get rich. Crazy shit happen in Miami everyday b so it really didn't surprise me.

"miami zombie"

Q - What's your favorite A$AP Rocky song?

A - Ghetto Symphony featuing Gunplay and A$AP Ferg.

"ghetto symphony"

Q - RIP ___ ?

A - Hiawayi Robinson, young 8 year old girl found dead on a trash pile in MOBILE, AL. GOD BLESS HER SOUL.

"hiawayi robinson - rip"

Q - FREE ___ ?


Q - What's next for A$AP Lotto?

A - My mixtape MIVMI, new videos, new features, everything new and keep an eye open for my young Miami artists Gitmo Dollaz & IamKaine. Real talented artists from Liberty City, Miami.


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"palm beach county"

tattooist, graffitist, trapist, revolutionist.. behold the lyricist.. the luxurious lock wielder, the Floridian, the one rapper in today's age who has yet to release a Migo flow. salute. ikabodVEINS. his influences are evident in his at times shrill-vocal, heavy hitting lyrics: Slipknot, Crime Mob, GUCCI MANE, Rage Against The Machine, amongst others. If Rob Zombie was to request a production from Lex Luger, you would get the all-to-his-own ikabodVEINS.. his diverse background making the status of "typical" impossible. an artist of multiple talents, South Floridian, Lex Luger affiliate ikabodVEINS has yet to release a track that fails to make me want to do a line and get a face tattoo. I conducted an interview with the highly cultured artist, discussing everything from sweaty raver pussy to 3rd grade mother's gifts, and of course, his favorite Gucci Mane song. 

the interview - 

Q - "ikabodVeins", description of the rap name/story behind it?

A - I been obsessed with the headless horseman ever since my moms took me to see that Sleepy Hollow movie when I was a kid. She's been callin' me ikabod ever since.. and I been a sicko in the graff' game ever since a jit, that's where the VEINS comes from. VEINS LMAxGW been outcheaa haahaha, S/O to the squad! WE OUTCHEA BLESSIN' BABIES N SHIT.

Q - Childhood... what'd you listen to, influences.. what was your childhood setting, stories.. where are you from?

A - Born & raised all over Palm Beach County, South Florida.. grew up fa$t on some thugged out surfer dogtownZboy lifestyle type shit lol.. lotta sex, drugs, and drunken graffiti lol.. been workin' since a youngin', hustlin' since a youngin', gettin' in trouble since a youngin', my struggles' DEF what made me. Wouldn't change shit.. I fux with so many different types of people though (you could say I'm very culturally diversified lol), so musically I listen to so many genres.. it's ridiculous.. but OutKast, Rage Against The Machine, Gucci, Triple J, Trick Daddy, 2Pac, Slipknot, Crime Mob, Dg Yola, WuTang, Buju Banton, System of a Down, Korn, Three 6, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Stevie Nicks.. all def played very important roles in my life.

"gucci mane - guwop - wop - radric davis - zadric davis"

Q - Tell me about your relation with Lex Luger/how was it working with Lex?

A - That's the homie but I can't even get a retweet lol. Workin with him was dope. He blessed the god heavy! Very thankful, S/O Lex for suree.

"lex luger writing the bible"

Q - How much did he charge you for "FUCK$"?

A - The fuck?! Lol NOTHING!!! I didn't pay not 1 dollar haha I put the "Ketamine" video on Worldstar, and the next morning woke up to hella texts, tweets, and shit on IG from Lex sayin' to hit him up asap & all kinds of crazy shit bout him signin' me, workin' together, etc. I said let's run it and he sent me like 25 full beats that night.. I honestly don't really fux with them crazy up-tempo trpa beats too much, not really my steez, but I couldn't say no to free Lex Luger beats lol.. I still got like 15 of them beats I haven't even touched yet jus' chillin' in a folder on my laptop lol.

Q - How'd you get into tattooing/best & worst tattoos you've done?

A - Graffiti/getting into constant trouble lol.. the classic, "not knowing what to do with my life" scenario lol.. my brother Robbie McCormick linked me up with this OG Puerto Rican motherfucker haha, Jun Bermudez, and I apprenticed under him.. MUCH LOVE to them two motherfuckers!! SQUUUADD. Best: Idk, prob' this dope realistic ocean/fish theme sleeve I did in full color, or the giant skull I did on my big bro's whole front torso lol. Worst: Idk, prob' some shit from my scratcher days.

Q - How long did it take you to grow your dreads?

A - I came out the womb wit' theez luxurious locks on my head kuhhhhhhh'.

"ikabodVEINS - luxurious locks god - kuhhhhhhhh"

Q - Explain you relationship with the bearded guy in your music videos/how long did it take him to grow his beard?

A - That's my big bro OG @bangbang305 !! Put em' ina' coffin SQUAAD shit hahaha, prez' of the highly respected GW Squadron! That's the fam' right there though! PLAY PUSSY GET FUCKT'! Hahaa, & 666years.

"ablescups - bangbang305"

Q - Rap game, trap game, or tattoo game?

A - My rap and tat' game are both key factors in my trap game. Word to da' erffs gawd.. we gettin' this money all angles shunn' $$$. 

Q - Will there be an, "Oh My God" part 2?

A - I honestly have no fucking clue lol.. maybe.

Q - Who's car and what model is the car in the, "Oh My God" music video?

A - That's my big brother whip, @venomlma , It's a 88' Chevy Caprice, she's a bad bitch! We actually recently crashed that lil' slut into the front of a Walgreens after rippin' donuts on our way home from KOD lol. Smashed a bottle of Jack and Jonny Walker Black Label at KOD that night with the fam @3ways & @jabrjaw SQUUUAD.

"88' chevy caprice - bad bitch - lil' slut"

Q - Dream car?

A - Idk, probably a Lambo', jus' so I could flex on some ignorant rich people shit lol. It's like your aloud to be an asshole when you drive one of them lol.

"gucci bandana - ignorant rich people shit"

Q - When did you start rapping?

A - I wrapped a Mother's Day gift I made for my moms in skool' one time when I was in like the 3rd grade. So I guess you can say I started rappin' in like 97'.

Q - Something most people don't know about ikabod?

A - Ima Spanish fuck lol, most of my family can't even speak English. Haha VIVA URUGUAY.

Q - Biggest pet peeve?

A - I fucking hate when a bitch can't take my dick. Kills my vibe instantly lol. To all the shorty's readin' this - make sure your sexual performance is grade A if you tryin' to fux with the gawd. Papi gets exotic in the PU$$Y lol I'm jus' tryin' to pay you rent mahh'.

Q - Favorite Gucci Mane song?

A - Blunt Fulla Dro!!!! Hahaha that's forever my jam! "50 Pounds of DRO, everyday is a Friday! Pull up to my house you can smell it from the driveway!!" Hahaha been bumpin' Gucci for a longggg time haha, used to get hella money to that song as a jit.. that's a throwback Gucci joint for sure lol.

Q - What's your creative process when in the booth?

A - Idk, I don't really think. This music shit is 100% self therapy for me. I jus' go in that bitch & vent. And take lots of bong tokes lol.

Q - Relationship with Relax Rekords?

A - That's the homies! Florida fam'!

Q - Sex with Oprah, Mrs. Buttersworth, or Sarah Palin & why?

A - Oprah ALL DAY!! She's got stupid $$$!! I bet her pussy's modified to the max hahah, she's probably gotta button you press that warms up her pussy lips like a seat heater in a luxury vehicle.


Q - Opinion on people comparing you to Yelawolf?

A - That's some cracker shit lol I do this for my vatos! Hasta La Muerte holmes!

Q - How long's the wait for an ikabodVEINS tattoo?

A - 666moons.

Q - Tattoo from shop or from trap house?

A -
Fuck that shop life! Lol TRAP HOUSE ALL DAY!!! I LOVE MY TRAP HOUSE!!! ShkurtSHKURTshkurt.

Q - Bukkweat Bill in one word?

A - Bruuuuhh.

"bukkweat bill - satan - tommy pikkles"

Q - Grossest thing you've ever eaten?

A - Either sweet potatoes, or some sweaty raver ecstasy pussy hahaha that festival pussy can produce some RUUUFF WEATHER at times! Hahaha shorty may have been waggin' that pussy around in the heat for a couple days non stop.. youuu jus' never know lol, KEEP THAT PUSS CLEAN LADIES!

Q - Most expensive thing you've bought legal or not?

A - I wanna sound cool and say the Black on Black 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood I jus' bought but I'd be lying lol. I jus' hadda' spend $4200 to fix my mothers AC lol, grown man shit.. I cawped 3 bo's on a re-up one time if that counts, back when Jim Jones dropped Ballin' lol.

Q - Who'd you like to work with?

A - Ahh fuck yo idk, I'd love to rock a track feat. OutKast & Buju Banton. And a track with Led Zeppelin but with Jimi Hendrix shreddin' lead guitar, & have Robert Plant completely muuurder the hook with some high vocals.. oooh and have Gucci rock the ad-libs on both tracks.

Q - What's next for ikabod?

A - World domination. New project, "Drop.6" COMING SOON!


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"fat nick - buffet boy"

"A meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves."

"A male child or young man."

Buffet definition + Boy definition = ?

Young men who eat several dishes and serve themselves. Buffet Boys. and it's saturated leader? Fat Nick.

I welcome you to Drill Miami, the closest thing Florida has to Chicago's recent boom of the violent, seemingly basic but actually detailed genre, Fat Nick, and his Buffet Boys, and all the fans they possess and everyday possessing more. Affiliate of nearly every rap sensation on the peninsula, all the way up to ATL, friend to Robb Bank$ affiliate Pouya, and as stated earlier righteous leader of his Buffet Boy realm, Fat Nick hardly needs an introduction, much less a justification for his Fiji Water-blender-fish bowl or his Nesquick toting music video antics, because Fat Nick is Fat Nick, and he isn't going anywhere anytime soon unless his doctor says otherwise. Have a cheat day with me and follow me along an interview with the fried fast food king himself, a journey filled with lean consumption, musical devotion, and of course, buffet critiquing.

the interview -

Q - Description of the Buffet Boys/members?

A - Squad! They my closest friends.

Q - Growing up in Miami, how'd it influence your music?

A - I don't think it really did to be g, that whole sticking and juking movement is tight, I love it. I'm honestly influenced by Chiraq music to keep it g.

Q - Growing up, who'd you listen to? Who'd the people around you listen to, who'd your parents listen to?

A - Growing up I fucked with Curren$y hella heavy. My friends like ah lotta different stuff. My mom likes Spanish music and my dad likes ion' even know.

Q - Describe the most important Miami hip-hop movements... Propr Boyz & Metro Zu etc.

A - I think every south FLA artist has ah hella important movement, but SGP, I think he opened up ah lot of doors for some artists, brought ah lot of attention.

"sgp - spaceghostpurrp - muney jordan"

Q - Opinion on Rick Ross', "Port of Miami" album, does it define Miami?

A - Bruh I've heard like 3 songs off that, I don't know.

Q - Description of Ruben Slikk in one word?

A - Loose.

"ruben slikk"

Q - Best buffets in Miami?

A - Tha best buffet Miami ever had was this one in Tha Hammocks, that Chinese one lit, it's closed now though, never go to tha one near ah Popeye's on us, 1 kid got ah kidney stone there, fuck y'all.

Q - When you get your first mill' what is the first thing you're gonna buy?

A - Ah crib for me & squad in like LA and ah Game Cube with Luigi's Mansion, I've been wanting that game for ah hot minute, and ah churro machine that'll be tight.

Q - Actavis or Qualitest?

A - Actavis.

Q - Process when in the booth... what is your creative process?

A - First I write ah hook, usually to the 1st word that comes to mind when I hear tha beat, then I do tha verse, then record, but all tha lights gotta be off, I always gotta have food while writing and shit, makes me think better. Like ah nice chicken parm' with ah side of alfredo.

Q - RIP___?

A - LA Capone & Mac Dre.

"la capone - long live la"

Q - How is Robb Bank$ in person?

A - He ah real cool dude, he tha homie.

Q - Thing you hate & like the most about Pouya?

A - That's my brother, he my bestfriend, he good all round. He tha realest.

"pouya - fat nick"

Q - Who would you like to work with that you haven't yet?

A - Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, Lil Reese, Lil Durk, Curren$y.

Q - Favorite Gucci Mane song?

A - One Minute. That shit so fie bruh, Gucci one tha hardest artists of all time.

Q - Something Fat Nick fans don't know about Fat Nick?

A - I was like 5 years old and swallowed ah nickle cause I saw my mom deposit money in ah bank and I thought I was bank, ion know, shit weird, I almost died.

Q - Favorite designer brand?

A - I like Fendi & Bape.

Q - Favorite actor/film?

A - Danny Devito, that dude the funniest man ever, he squad forever.

Q - Opinion on movie, "Super Size Me"?

A - Shit loose, shit looks gross... but still taste good so ima keep eating it. McDonald's got hot Marta's back, you get this and some nuggets you gon' be lit.

"super size me"

Q - Have you really eaten 100 burgers in less than 4 minutes and if so what's the story?

A - Naw lol, but low key I think I can eat 100 from White Castle.

Q - What to expect from Fat Camp/will it be the most influential mixtape of the year?

A - Fat Camp gon' be ah bunch of bangers and thottie pussy pop music, everyone gon' fuck with it. Hopefully it is tha most influential tape, that'll be tight.

Q - Who's featured/produces on Fat Camp?

A - Ima release ah track list soon for y'all but there's gonna be some name y'all know on it.

"fat camp - coming soon"

Q - When I'm not finessing I'm ___ ?

A - Eating, smoking dope, no earthy natural fuu pack.

Q - What is Fat Nick going to be remembered for in 30 years?

A - "Fat Nick? He's THAT fat dude, he legendary, his music tha tightest."

Q - AK or glock?

A - Glock, keep tha thumper tucked.

Q - Exotic animal you would like to have?

A - Ah European Thottie.

Q - You fall under a legendary realm of rappers... Big Pun, Fat Joe... what defines Fat Nick?

A - What defines me is I'm THAT fat dude, I'm Fat Nick, ah bunch of fat dudes embarrassed to be fat, scared to mac ho's like that's stupid bruh. I flex no shirt everywhere, embrace your bigness, ho's love that shit, no flex.

Q - Best Wingstop flavor?

A - You gotta get tha 10 piece half lemon pepper, half garlic parmesan, upgrade the fries to large with honey mustard and ah pink lemonade. Shit hella bomb, I don't fuck with tha atomic wings, last time I ate em my face went numb and my nose started runnin', that shit so hot.

"lemon pepper wings - 'lemon pepper wings & a freeze cup'"

Q - What's next for Fat Nick?  

A - Diabetes lol jk, ah bunch of new music, new money, new experiences & shit. I'm planning on dropping my own BuffetBoys honey mustard and BBQ sauce, & probably even ah online series, "Cook with Fat Nick" - Fat Camp coming hella soon, can't wait for y'all to hear it.


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"http_rose - datakiiss - softwehr"

the man behind the forever growing popularity of Bukkweat Bill's "666Forever", producer for artists the likes of Black Kray, peer and occasional collab-er to the underground kingpin producer DJ Smokey, slowed & throwed mixer, samplist, opinionated Miami resider, internet presence extraordinaire, http_rose, datakiiss, but most of all, SOFTWEHR. 

I didn't have much information to bring forward regarding the Floridian producer, hence I'm proud to say that this is his first interview as a producer. we talked about everything from style to punk, bath salts to stealing bottles of robo', and even Slipknot to Suicide Silence. needless to say, the homophone for a name, Softwehr, is a producer of diverse qualities and cultures, and a brilliant one at that. The interview to follow demonstrates his articulate thought process/opinions and cultural relevance/not relevance, and we find out a little more who in fact Softwehr is.

the interview - 

Q - How'd you come up with the producer name, "Softwehr"?

A - I actually didn't come up with it myself sadly, I got it from Shawn Kemps (lum) instrumental tape. I just used it as a Twitter name and I was also just kinda starting to make beats.

Q - What is the internet to you?

A - It's a different world to me. I spend a good majority of my day on the internet just digging through virtual crates (when I'm not feeding into the whole social media shit).

Q - Inspirations growing up... who'd you listen to, who'd people around you listen to, who'd (if relevant) your parents listen to?

A - I got my inspiration from the techs of any group/band. Like Slipknot. They had Sid (#0) and 133 (#5). One was the DJ and the other was a keyboardist/samplist. They just looked like mad scientists to me and I could easily point out the little parts that they played in any song. Linkin Park was another one. They had Mr. Hahn on the samples and turn tables. So around this time I was like 9-10 years old and I'm just finding out my love for instrumental music so I just started digging ever since. I listened to a lot of company flow - little johnny from the hospitul for a few years.

Q - How has Florida accented/not accented your music?

A - It helped me by blessing me with a Walgreens on every corner to to steal bottles of Robo' and stay up for 8 hours making hella beats. haha.

Q - What have you been listening to the most lately?

A - Lately Iv'e been listening to a lot of hardcore music, like Chelsea Grin, Suicide Silence, Hayworth, Germs, Black Flag. I like to vary it up.

Q - Favorite rappers out of Florida?

A - No one really other than my brother Tra$$h. S/O to him. $$$

Q - Have you ever eaten Alligator?

A - Na haha, sounds fucked.

Q - Favorite hobbies as a Floridian?

A - Being in Florida prevents me from having any hobbies. Can't even fuckin' skate without it behind humid as fuck (*slaps gnats out of face*).

Q - If you were high on bath salts, what would you eat?

1. McDonald's 
2. Burger King
3. A civilians face in downtown Miami

A - Fuck I don't know man. Mcdonald's sucks, I hate Burger King, civilians fucking suck. So even if I was on bath salts I would know to stay away from all three of those.


Q - Description/story behind hand tattoo?

A - Not too much of a story behind it. I just like to think of it as a representation of my extrasensory perception or my precognitive powers. I get a few "wtf" looks when I say that, haha. So I just narrow it down to, "cause I like 3rd eyes mann, woah trippy, Illuminati or whatever.

Q - If you were to get a face tattoo what would you get?

A - Shit I don't know. Probably something meaningless cause those are the best.

Q - Polo, Hilfiger, or Nautica?

A - *I got my Polo right.*

Q - Take on style/how do you dress?

A - 80's/punk. Haha I don't know how to describe it.

Q - When/how did you first start producing?

A - I started producing late 2012. And it all just started through hanging out with my bro Tra$$h because he was like the first artist I ever really knew. I would always go to his house and he was just always in the studio (laundry room) recording a bunch of tracks. And at one point he downloaded FL Studio and we both tried fucking with it and had no idea what we were doing. Eventually we both learned how to use it somewhat.

Q - Favorite production device (hi-hats, claps, etc.)?

A - Gotta be the kick/808 lol, pretty basic of me but that's like the trickiest part of a beat to me.

"roland tr808 drum machine"

Q - Hardest producer tag you know?

A - DJ Smokey has to be my favorite. He has that signature skull-kid-laugh and Yoshi from Super Smash Bros melee. Just reminds me of all those days I spent setting a camera in front of my TV recording my gameplay of me spamming star fox combos. Haha.

"dj smokey"

Q - Peer producers you salute or would like to collab with?

A - Too many to name but they know who they are.

Q - Who would you like to produce for?

A - Kid Cudi would be like my dream collab.

Q - When I'm not producing, I'm ___ ?

A - On YouTube looking up production tips or just listening to music.

Q - If producing doesn't work, I'll go back to ___ ?

A - Nothing. Producing is all I know.

Q - Have you ever tried rapping?

A - Hahahahaha yes. I actually made a rare mixtape with a few friends of mine back in 2012. Nothing serious at all though. It was just a product of us all being high as fuck on a lot of drugs making no kinda sense talking about, "in this bitch I'm running 1st place, I'm smoking my blunt while I'm in 1st place, don't you know I'm coming with the bass. Cause I smoke a lotta weed. Remember what I said? I'm a fockin' rasta."

Q - Where were you September 11, 2001?

A - I don't know, probably in school or something. Fuck 9/11 really.


Q - Nationality or Anarchy?

A - Anarchy all day. We need more people questioning what's going on. So if it causes a little chaos, so be it. The world is fucked anyways.

Q - Your definition of, "Punk"?

A - My definition of punk is not some negative-hate-shit. I hate how that's like the biggest stereotype of being punk. Of course most of it revolves around being against society and shit but I just look at it as a free form of expression. Like, don't be afraid to do what you want because of what other people might think. Who cares.

Q - Opinion in Sadboy movement/ Sadboy hype?

A - I think it's cool. I like the whole idea of people embracing a different style of music. Just not with the whole exterior aspect of it. People just posing to like shit but don't know anything about it. But it's always gonna be like that no matter what.

"sadboys 2001"

Q - Adjective describing life in one word?

A - Uncertain.

Q - Favorite anime?

A - Fuck, that's a hard one. I really like Fooly Cooly. The illustration is nuts. But that's just one of them.

"fooly cooly"

Q - Favorite Gucci Mane song?

A - "Vette Pass By" with Oj Da Juiceman. Video is funny and raw at the same time.

Q - Yung ___?

A - anchr b0y.

Q  - Get money, fuck ___?

A - Money. Currency rlly sux.

Q - Free ___?

A - Antwuan Dixon.

"antwuan dixon"

Q - Rip___?

A - Lil Ugly Mane. Come pack pls.

"lil ugly mane"

Q - Tony Hawk, Terry Kenndy, or Dale Earnhardt?

A - TK. He became pro after skating for like 2 years I think. He's funny as fuck and has a sick style.

"terry kennedy"

Q - What to expect from Isolated/when's it dropping/what it's influence etc.?

A - Just a short instrumental E.P. It's just a representation of my life really. Just being isolated from the world and feeling out of touch with reality, spending countless seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years between four white walls contemplating countless things. I can finally express it through music so it should be fun. I don't have a specific release date but it should be done soon.

Q - What's next for Softwehr?

A - To explore the ultra dimensions of being and bring peace to this planet.


I done got indicted selling all white (@ZadricDavis)