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for my second interview since being dismissed from The Source Magazine, I was able to interview the esteemed rising intellectual hailing from Brooklyn, Wati Heru. the process was slightly delayed, due to me being out of cellular monthly minutes and Wati being too high to type lengthy responses, but alas a magnificent interview birthed. he's the man behind the scenes you've maybe have yet to hear from/of, but his established acquaintances have become near household names. affiliate and friend of young spitter Dyme-A-Duzin, and participator in one of the deceased Capital Steez's last cyphers, Wati is the man for the job. I had the opportunity to talk to Wati about everything he's been working on including upcoming releases, acting careers, etc., as well as information on his home city, as well as every last cliche question you'd expect to see in an interview (inspirations, etc.) I give to you, Wati Heru:

the interview - 

Q - What is the origins of the name, "Wati Heru"?

A - Wati stands for "rebel" in ancient Kemetic. Heru is the Kemetic name for Horus prior to the Greek translation.

Q - Musical inspiration history: Who was played growing up, who'd you listen to, who do you find inspirational now?

A - As a kid, my father played a lot of Biggie, Jay, and R. Kelly and shit. My mom was big on Nas, Tupac and Brazilian jazz. When I was really young my mom played a lot of Beethoven. But when I was old enough to have my own taste I listened to a lot of Papoose, Lil Wayne, Cassidy and a bunch of other shit. I had a crazy ass mf' DOOM era in high school which brought me back to the old shit my moms and dad listened to.

Q - Although many claim it, who do you title, "King of New York" from a hip-hop standpoint? 

A - It's still either Diddy, Jay, or 50. Anybody else claiming that shit is a self proclaimed ass nigga, you can't just be the king of NY without putting in that work.

Q - Top 5 NY artists?

A - Jay Z, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, 50, and Nas

Q - What is the legacy Capital Steez holds? What was he like as an individual? Was/is he as iconic and talented as everyone claims, or did his unfortunate death create biased hype?

A - Steez was my nigga, he was a cool dude, helped me out, but he had problems of his own you know. He had a lot of demons that he was in constant battle with from what I know but I do believe him dying made people give more of a fucc about him. Even though he started Pro Era while he was alive, they made him seem like the black sheep of the crew and all of the sudden out of the blue everybody's all, "Long Live Steelo" and shit. It's weird to me but I guess that's how it goes.

Q - When is, "New Blue Hunnids" dropping?

A - I'm actually in the process of making a crazy ass visual for it that should be dropping in the middle of October, AND IT WILL BE A GAME CHANGER.

Q - Mets, Yankees, or neither? 

A - Mets, I was raised a Mets fan.

Q - Favorite Gucci Mane song/album? 

A - I don't gotta favorite album but my favorite tracc is, "Photoshoot."

Q - Malcolm X or MLK Jr.?

A - Malcolm X, I mean I'm from the hood. I did a lot of dumb shit. MLK was too cookie cutter to relate to as a youth. Malcolm X did dumb shit like me, not too mention his approach made way more sense to me. I read his autobiography over 20 times, that shit is motivational.

Q - Opinion on when NY rappers rap like down south and vica versa?

A - Whatever floats them niggas boats.

Q - Who would you like to work with in the future that you haven't yet?

A - Travi$ Scott, PartyNextDoor, Kid Art, and Vinny Chase, Vince Staples, and Schoolboy Q.

Q - Describe your alter ego.

A - Francis Medina is the newest one. He is the evil twin inside of me. He is the kingpin drug lord, he wants me to shine by all means necessary. He even robbed a couple niggas for me, but that's another case.

Q - Is it true that their are tiny shrimp called "Copepods" in NYC drinking water, and if so how do they taste?

A - The fuck there is? I wouldn't know, I'm Brita water forever.

Q - Favorite to least favorite of the 5 boroughs?


Q - What's next for Wati?

A - This tape, "TABBOO" for the most part. I'm actually acting on the low and I have a short film in the works. We're trying to get to Sundance and SXSW Film Festival. I been doing auditions and all that, and I'm also writing music so if you're looking for some melodies and hooks I got those on decc, but you'll never know what's next with me, I got ideas for days, just stay focused.


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