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"young diego - marino gang"

Charm City. Mobtown. B'more. The Land of Pleasant Living. The City of Firsts. labeled with a motto, "The Greatest City in America." Baltimore. many contradicting and falsely given titles, one underlying theme. "violence." 

America's unspoken, not as much mentioned city of despair has a lot going wrong, and about two things going right. the Baltimore Orioles standings, and Marino Gang. 

headed by A$AP's own A$AP Ant, Marino Gang is Ant's collaborative Baltimore team, and I had the opportunity to speak with one of them regarding his city, his music, and his building legacy. don't just let me tell you, hear it from the Young God himself:

the interview - 

Q - Tell me about your relationship with A$AP Ant, how you became a part of Marino Gang, etc., how Ant is on a personal level. 

A - Addie that's bro, me and him met each other in middle school. We both was on some get fresh, rock fly kicks shit so we automatically linked ya know.

Q - Tell me what Marino Gang embodies, what it means, what it represents, etc.

A - Marino Making Millions of Moves (4Mz).

Q - What was it like growing up in Baltimore/what music were you bangin' as a youth?

A - Growing up in Baltimore consists on a lot of violence, drugs and funerals. But I love my city though. As a youngin' I was bumping Pac, like that's all I would listen to. I remember riding round wit my step pops bumpin' Pac albums, I was only like 10, true story...

Q - Why do you think it is that Baltimore gets neglected on its crime outlook compared to New York and Chicago? Why is Baltimore the unspoken underdog?

A - Shit niggas know bout my city (*laughs*). We ranked like #6 as far as murders out of all states. So I don't think we get neglected.

Q - Favorite/least favorite neighborhoods in the city?

A - I got love for the whole city dawgs (*laughs) but if I ain't out the county then I'm posted up on LeeBlock (Libery Heights and Garrison).

Q - Was, "The Wire" a proper representation of Baltimore? Or was it made Hollywood?

A - I mean The Wire gave y'all a peek of my city. Every hood got a Marlo in it. But Imma come clean, ain't no way we lettin' a gay ass nigga run wild thru the city takin' packs n' alla that other shit, niggas would've been dropped Omar (*laughs*).

Q - Favorite Gucci Mane song(s)?

A - Long Money.

Q - Favorite place to eat in Charm City?

A - The Brothers (Supreme Oasis).

Q - If you had to describe the city of Baltimore in one word, what would it be?

A - Grimey.

Q - Favorite dead president?

A - All the dead ones that's on money.

Q - A peer of yours once said, "There's not much to do in Baltimore but die." Your take on that quote? 

A - "Niggas Die Everyday B."

Q - Who would you like to work with that you haven't yet?

A - Styles P.

Q - What is Young Diego working on right now?

A - Right now I'm working on my solo debut project, it's coming soon y'all better get ya guns ready.

Q - Anything the fans should know about Young Diego / any legacy you want to be remembered by?

A - Imma be remembered for all this fly shit I sport, all these bad bitches, all the drugs in my system, ya know.. young gods live forever.


I done got indicted selling all white (@ZadricDavis)

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