Sunday, September 14, 2014


"fat nick - buffet boy"

"A meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves."

"A male child or young man."

Buffet definition + Boy definition = ?

Young men who eat several dishes and serve themselves. Buffet Boys. and it's saturated leader? Fat Nick.

I welcome you to Drill Miami, the closest thing Florida has to Chicago's recent boom of the violent, seemingly basic but actually detailed genre, Fat Nick, and his Buffet Boys, and all the fans they possess and everyday possessing more. Affiliate of nearly every rap sensation on the peninsula, all the way up to ATL, friend to Robb Bank$ affiliate Pouya, and as stated earlier righteous leader of his Buffet Boy realm, Fat Nick hardly needs an introduction, much less a justification for his Fiji Water-blender-fish bowl or his Nesquick toting music video antics, because Fat Nick is Fat Nick, and he isn't going anywhere anytime soon unless his doctor says otherwise. Have a cheat day with me and follow me along an interview with the fried fast food king himself, a journey filled with lean consumption, musical devotion, and of course, buffet critiquing.

the interview -

Q - Description of the Buffet Boys/members?

A - Squad! They my closest friends.

Q - Growing up in Miami, how'd it influence your music?

A - I don't think it really did to be g, that whole sticking and juking movement is tight, I love it. I'm honestly influenced by Chiraq music to keep it g.

Q - Growing up, who'd you listen to? Who'd the people around you listen to, who'd your parents listen to?

A - Growing up I fucked with Curren$y hella heavy. My friends like ah lotta different stuff. My mom likes Spanish music and my dad likes ion' even know.

Q - Describe the most important Miami hip-hop movements... Propr Boyz & Metro Zu etc.

A - I think every south FLA artist has ah hella important movement, but SGP, I think he opened up ah lot of doors for some artists, brought ah lot of attention.

"sgp - spaceghostpurrp - muney jordan"

Q - Opinion on Rick Ross', "Port of Miami" album, does it define Miami?

A - Bruh I've heard like 3 songs off that, I don't know.

Q - Description of Ruben Slikk in one word?

A - Loose.

"ruben slikk"

Q - Best buffets in Miami?

A - Tha best buffet Miami ever had was this one in Tha Hammocks, that Chinese one lit, it's closed now though, never go to tha one near ah Popeye's on us, 1 kid got ah kidney stone there, fuck y'all.

Q - When you get your first mill' what is the first thing you're gonna buy?

A - Ah crib for me & squad in like LA and ah Game Cube with Luigi's Mansion, I've been wanting that game for ah hot minute, and ah churro machine that'll be tight.

Q - Actavis or Qualitest?

A - Actavis.

Q - Process when in the booth... what is your creative process?

A - First I write ah hook, usually to the 1st word that comes to mind when I hear tha beat, then I do tha verse, then record, but all tha lights gotta be off, I always gotta have food while writing and shit, makes me think better. Like ah nice chicken parm' with ah side of alfredo.

Q - RIP___?

A - LA Capone & Mac Dre.

"la capone - long live la"

Q - How is Robb Bank$ in person?

A - He ah real cool dude, he tha homie.

Q - Thing you hate & like the most about Pouya?

A - That's my brother, he my bestfriend, he good all round. He tha realest.

"pouya - fat nick"

Q - Who would you like to work with that you haven't yet?

A - Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, Lil Reese, Lil Durk, Curren$y.

Q - Favorite Gucci Mane song?

A - One Minute. That shit so fie bruh, Gucci one tha hardest artists of all time.

Q - Something Fat Nick fans don't know about Fat Nick?

A - I was like 5 years old and swallowed ah nickle cause I saw my mom deposit money in ah bank and I thought I was bank, ion know, shit weird, I almost died.

Q - Favorite designer brand?

A - I like Fendi & Bape.

Q - Favorite actor/film?

A - Danny Devito, that dude the funniest man ever, he squad forever.

Q - Opinion on movie, "Super Size Me"?

A - Shit loose, shit looks gross... but still taste good so ima keep eating it. McDonald's got hot Marta's back, you get this and some nuggets you gon' be lit.

"super size me"

Q - Have you really eaten 100 burgers in less than 4 minutes and if so what's the story?

A - Naw lol, but low key I think I can eat 100 from White Castle.

Q - What to expect from Fat Camp/will it be the most influential mixtape of the year?

A - Fat Camp gon' be ah bunch of bangers and thottie pussy pop music, everyone gon' fuck with it. Hopefully it is tha most influential tape, that'll be tight.

Q - Who's featured/produces on Fat Camp?

A - Ima release ah track list soon for y'all but there's gonna be some name y'all know on it.

"fat camp - coming soon"

Q - When I'm not finessing I'm ___ ?

A - Eating, smoking dope, no earthy natural fuu pack.

Q - What is Fat Nick going to be remembered for in 30 years?

A - "Fat Nick? He's THAT fat dude, he legendary, his music tha tightest."

Q - AK or glock?

A - Glock, keep tha thumper tucked.

Q - Exotic animal you would like to have?

A - Ah European Thottie.

Q - You fall under a legendary realm of rappers... Big Pun, Fat Joe... what defines Fat Nick?

A - What defines me is I'm THAT fat dude, I'm Fat Nick, ah bunch of fat dudes embarrassed to be fat, scared to mac ho's like that's stupid bruh. I flex no shirt everywhere, embrace your bigness, ho's love that shit, no flex.

Q - Best Wingstop flavor?

A - You gotta get tha 10 piece half lemon pepper, half garlic parmesan, upgrade the fries to large with honey mustard and ah pink lemonade. Shit hella bomb, I don't fuck with tha atomic wings, last time I ate em my face went numb and my nose started runnin', that shit so hot.

"lemon pepper wings - 'lemon pepper wings & a freeze cup'"

Q - What's next for Fat Nick?  

A - Diabetes lol jk, ah bunch of new music, new money, new experiences & shit. I'm planning on dropping my own BuffetBoys honey mustard and BBQ sauce, & probably even ah online series, "Cook with Fat Nick" - Fat Camp coming hella soon, can't wait for y'all to hear it.


I done got indicted selling all white (@ZadricDavis)

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