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"http_rose - datakiiss - softwehr"

the man behind the forever growing popularity of Bukkweat Bill's "666Forever", producer for artists the likes of Black Kray, peer and occasional collab-er to the underground kingpin producer DJ Smokey, slowed & throwed mixer, samplist, opinionated Miami resider, internet presence extraordinaire, http_rose, datakiiss, but most of all, SOFTWEHR. 

I didn't have much information to bring forward regarding the Floridian producer, hence I'm proud to say that this is his first interview as a producer. we talked about everything from style to punk, bath salts to stealing bottles of robo', and even Slipknot to Suicide Silence. needless to say, the homophone for a name, Softwehr, is a producer of diverse qualities and cultures, and a brilliant one at that. The interview to follow demonstrates his articulate thought process/opinions and cultural relevance/not relevance, and we find out a little more who in fact Softwehr is.

the interview - 

Q - How'd you come up with the producer name, "Softwehr"?

A - I actually didn't come up with it myself sadly, I got it from Shawn Kemps (lum) instrumental tape. I just used it as a Twitter name and I was also just kinda starting to make beats.

Q - What is the internet to you?

A - It's a different world to me. I spend a good majority of my day on the internet just digging through virtual crates (when I'm not feeding into the whole social media shit).

Q - Inspirations growing up... who'd you listen to, who'd people around you listen to, who'd (if relevant) your parents listen to?

A - I got my inspiration from the techs of any group/band. Like Slipknot. They had Sid (#0) and 133 (#5). One was the DJ and the other was a keyboardist/samplist. They just looked like mad scientists to me and I could easily point out the little parts that they played in any song. Linkin Park was another one. They had Mr. Hahn on the samples and turn tables. So around this time I was like 9-10 years old and I'm just finding out my love for instrumental music so I just started digging ever since. I listened to a lot of company flow - little johnny from the hospitul for a few years.

Q - How has Florida accented/not accented your music?

A - It helped me by blessing me with a Walgreens on every corner to to steal bottles of Robo' and stay up for 8 hours making hella beats. haha.

Q - What have you been listening to the most lately?

A - Lately Iv'e been listening to a lot of hardcore music, like Chelsea Grin, Suicide Silence, Hayworth, Germs, Black Flag. I like to vary it up.

Q - Favorite rappers out of Florida?

A - No one really other than my brother Tra$$h. S/O to him. $$$

Q - Have you ever eaten Alligator?

A - Na haha, sounds fucked.

Q - Favorite hobbies as a Floridian?

A - Being in Florida prevents me from having any hobbies. Can't even fuckin' skate without it behind humid as fuck (*slaps gnats out of face*).

Q - If you were high on bath salts, what would you eat?

1. McDonald's 
2. Burger King
3. A civilians face in downtown Miami

A - Fuck I don't know man. Mcdonald's sucks, I hate Burger King, civilians fucking suck. So even if I was on bath salts I would know to stay away from all three of those.


Q - Description/story behind hand tattoo?

A - Not too much of a story behind it. I just like to think of it as a representation of my extrasensory perception or my precognitive powers. I get a few "wtf" looks when I say that, haha. So I just narrow it down to, "cause I like 3rd eyes mann, woah trippy, Illuminati or whatever.

Q - If you were to get a face tattoo what would you get?

A - Shit I don't know. Probably something meaningless cause those are the best.

Q - Polo, Hilfiger, or Nautica?

A - *I got my Polo right.*

Q - Take on style/how do you dress?

A - 80's/punk. Haha I don't know how to describe it.

Q - When/how did you first start producing?

A - I started producing late 2012. And it all just started through hanging out with my bro Tra$$h because he was like the first artist I ever really knew. I would always go to his house and he was just always in the studio (laundry room) recording a bunch of tracks. And at one point he downloaded FL Studio and we both tried fucking with it and had no idea what we were doing. Eventually we both learned how to use it somewhat.

Q - Favorite production device (hi-hats, claps, etc.)?

A - Gotta be the kick/808 lol, pretty basic of me but that's like the trickiest part of a beat to me.

"roland tr808 drum machine"

Q - Hardest producer tag you know?

A - DJ Smokey has to be my favorite. He has that signature skull-kid-laugh and Yoshi from Super Smash Bros melee. Just reminds me of all those days I spent setting a camera in front of my TV recording my gameplay of me spamming star fox combos. Haha.

"dj smokey"

Q - Peer producers you salute or would like to collab with?

A - Too many to name but they know who they are.

Q - Who would you like to produce for?

A - Kid Cudi would be like my dream collab.

Q - When I'm not producing, I'm ___ ?

A - On YouTube looking up production tips or just listening to music.

Q - If producing doesn't work, I'll go back to ___ ?

A - Nothing. Producing is all I know.

Q - Have you ever tried rapping?

A - Hahahahaha yes. I actually made a rare mixtape with a few friends of mine back in 2012. Nothing serious at all though. It was just a product of us all being high as fuck on a lot of drugs making no kinda sense talking about, "in this bitch I'm running 1st place, I'm smoking my blunt while I'm in 1st place, don't you know I'm coming with the bass. Cause I smoke a lotta weed. Remember what I said? I'm a fockin' rasta."

Q - Where were you September 11, 2001?

A - I don't know, probably in school or something. Fuck 9/11 really.


Q - Nationality or Anarchy?

A - Anarchy all day. We need more people questioning what's going on. So if it causes a little chaos, so be it. The world is fucked anyways.

Q - Your definition of, "Punk"?

A - My definition of punk is not some negative-hate-shit. I hate how that's like the biggest stereotype of being punk. Of course most of it revolves around being against society and shit but I just look at it as a free form of expression. Like, don't be afraid to do what you want because of what other people might think. Who cares.

Q - Opinion in Sadboy movement/ Sadboy hype?

A - I think it's cool. I like the whole idea of people embracing a different style of music. Just not with the whole exterior aspect of it. People just posing to like shit but don't know anything about it. But it's always gonna be like that no matter what.

"sadboys 2001"

Q - Adjective describing life in one word?

A - Uncertain.

Q - Favorite anime?

A - Fuck, that's a hard one. I really like Fooly Cooly. The illustration is nuts. But that's just one of them.

"fooly cooly"

Q - Favorite Gucci Mane song?

A - "Vette Pass By" with Oj Da Juiceman. Video is funny and raw at the same time.

Q - Yung ___?

A - anchr b0y.

Q  - Get money, fuck ___?

A - Money. Currency rlly sux.

Q - Free ___?

A - Antwuan Dixon.

"antwuan dixon"

Q - Rip___?

A - Lil Ugly Mane. Come pack pls.

"lil ugly mane"

Q - Tony Hawk, Terry Kenndy, or Dale Earnhardt?

A - TK. He became pro after skating for like 2 years I think. He's funny as fuck and has a sick style.

"terry kennedy"

Q - What to expect from Isolated/when's it dropping/what it's influence etc.?

A - Just a short instrumental E.P. It's just a representation of my life really. Just being isolated from the world and feeling out of touch with reality, spending countless seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years between four white walls contemplating countless things. I can finally express it through music so it should be fun. I don't have a specific release date but it should be done soon.

Q - What's next for Softwehr?

A - To explore the ultra dimensions of being and bring peace to this planet.


I done got indicted selling all white (@ZadricDavis)

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