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"lamar styles - teen distress"

"atlanta, georgia"

lamar styles. lamar is style. he is the hopeful future to the often belittled and degraded youth of today. but he is also the begotten past. a rebel child, a boom bap influenced soul in the heart of the south, he is the rising face to his too rising brand, as well as a number of others. his following is significant to success and age without even releasing a single piece or being a day over 18. he is just lamar styles. & that alone is quite frankly enough for the masses. 

I give you his debut interview.

Q - Growing up in Atlanta, what was it like? Any significant memories? Influences? Etc.

A - Growing up I was a bad kid. I was always fighting someone or cussing out teachers. All I wanted to do was have fun, so I did. Just a young rebel against the world. My grandpa was a big influence on me. I remember rapping in his Chevy and him say I could spit. I was like 6, he was my hero. He died a month after that.

Q - Best place to eat in ATL?

A - Bruh Zaxby's, it's so fire. I probably eat it 2 times a week.

Q - Growing up, what music was played around you? Who'd you look up to?

A - I grew up listening to old school hip-hop. Illmatic and Ready to Die are my favorite albums. All my pops played was old school hip-hop. He would freestyle to it and he was cold with it. Taught me to flow. I def looked up to Tupac and my pops. Tupac was a fashion lord. He dressed so dope.

Q - How old are you?

A - I'm 17, I'll be 18 February 9th.

Q - Top influence and why?

A - Kanye man. He does it all. Fashion, rap and all'at. He's an all around businessman.

Q - Gucci or Jeezy?

A - Gucci of course. Free Gucci. Jeezy so trash to me.

"wop - <3"

Q - Favorite Gucci Mane song?

A - I don't have a favorite song by him, the man is a legend. He drops classics. Trap God 3 is so cold too. And yo the beat for Lemonade was cold. Gucci just a dope artist. Free him now.

Q - Tell me about Teen Distress.

A - Teen Distress is my new clothing line that expresses the flaws of teens. It shows how teens are these days. Showing depression, teens doing drugs, suicide and all'at. All of the images I use for clothing have a message. You just gotta think deeper to find the meaning. I came up with the name Teen Distress while I was talking to my homie Preme. There's like 6 or 7 members of Teen Distress. Preme, Devin, Chandler, Apu and more. Every member has it in their bio on Twitter.  

Q - What do you want to be remembered as?

A - I want to be remembered as a young talented artist and fashion designing rebel that everyone loves. I just want to save the youth, they need it. I want the youth to look up to me. Their "role models" are giving off the wrong image.

Q - Describe your style.

A - My style is unique, no one can match it. I don't wear designer at all. I put dope clothes together, no one can do it like me cause I'm Lamar. My creativity is out of this world. Not to sound cocky, but I won't lie to you.

Q - What's the first thing you're going to buy when you hit it big?

A - I'ma buy a llama and name it Fancy. I want a case full of gold fangs. A couple pitbull's and 2 model broads. 

Q - What's next for Lamar?

A - Man after Teen Distress I'm just gonna be collabing with talented artists and modeling for brands. I get so much clothes sent to me it's not even funny. I'm planning on shooting trailers for certain brands too. Big things coming.

Q - Is your real name Lamar Styles?

A - No my real name is Lamar White. Styles came with the clothes. I think Lamar Styles is a sick name. That's just me.

Q - Have you ever tried rapping and if so how did it go?

A - Na but I wanna start and get serious with it. I wanna drop a tape one day. Just wanna have fun making music. Who cares what people think about it. I wanna do all styles of music. Cause I'm just that good ha ha.

Q - RIP ___ ?

A - RIP Grandpa and all my homies.

Q - FREE ___ ?

A - Free Gucci.

Q - SHOUT OUT ___ ?

A - Rosa Parks fine self.

Q - Something most people don't know about Lamar Styles?

A - I'm straight edge. I don't smoke. I don't drink, none of that. Was never one to follow a crowd. I'm just a crazy teen that lives life like he's high. Having fun everyday cause I can die right now. That's just me. 

I'm Lamar Styles A.K.A. Nasty Boy A.K.A. Boy-If-You-Don't-Get-Cho A.K.A. Me.


" lamar styles - nasty boy - boy if you don't get cho "


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